Top 5 Best Folding Elliptical Reviews for 2020

Folding elliptical trainers are all-in-one home fitness solutions. They are good if your workout is small and they will ensure that you have accomplished quality training. You will achieve both cardio and strength exercises, which ensure that you have toned and strengthened your entire body. Currently, folding ellipticals are strong, have many features, and are low impact, which as good as non-folding elliptical within the same price range. So, what are the best folding elliptical?

best folding elliptical


5 Best Folding Elliptical Machine List for 2020


5 Best Folding Elliptical Machine List for 2020

An elliptical machine is one of the best machines for any cardio exercises. You are guaranteed to see excellent outcomes if you use an elliptical machine. Currently, many gyms are embracing the use of an elliptical machine because of its good results.

An elliptical machine is an interesting machine because it offers a quality workout. A folding elliptical will eliminate issues that other machines may have such as joint impact and body posture. Therefore, this machine is considered the best for less price.

Let’s take a closer look at the 5 best folding elliptical.

1. Best Overall -Sunny Health & Fitness Elliptical Machine

best folding elliptical machine

Brilliant features
  • Sturdy
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quiet and operates smoothly
Watch out for
  • Does not have resistance settings

The weight capacity of SF-E902 is 220lbs and comes with a one-month warranty. It has an LCD monitor, non-slip footpads, and a removable abdominal pad.

The assembly process is user-friendly mainly because it comes as pre-assembled. The only requirement for the user is to attach the arms, abdominal support pads, and display console. The instructions do not require the user to be comprehensive because the process of assembly is very easy. The instructions are fit into one sheet of paper. There are pictures alongside each step with a text explanation. On average, it will take you 20 minutes to complete the assembly process.

It is also safe to use. The company ensures that the product is on par with safety standards. The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer Elliptical Machine is an innovative model because it comes with foot pads that prevent any cases of slippery.

Therefore, you will be able to maintain your balance all through when you are using the machine. The pads are oversized and they have a texture that allows you to grip when moving forward. The footpads cater for all sizes and you do not have to worry about fitting.

The extra features on the machine and the simple design make it an appealing product. Additionally, the price is reasonable especially since you are assured of a quality product. It is also lightweight making it portable. The LCD helps to provide feedback to the user. The disadvantage of the product is that it has a short period warranty of 30 days.

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2. Best Powerful -ProForm 895 Folding Elliptical

proform folding elliptical

Brilliant features
  • The resistance controls on handlebars are easy to use
  • Has 18lb flywheel
  • Power incline is up to 10%
  • iFit compatibility
  • It can be integrated with smartphones
Watch out for
  • Warranty is for a short period

ProForm 895 has more advanced Smart Striders when it comes to electronics and performance compared to the other ProForm Smart Strider cross-trainers. It has a 7’’ touchscreen in place of an LCD display. The exercise data seen on the 7” display include distance, speed, time, heart rate, calories burned, and resistance. You are guaranteed to access 32 preloaded workouts.

Also, it can be connected to iFit for an unlimited downloadable workout program. It comes with 18’’ stride which is ideal for shorter trainees.

ProForm 895 is equipped with an 18lb effective flywheel. The console buttons give you the ability to alternate the 24 resistance levels. Most ellipticals offer a maximum of 20 resistance level settings. Therefore, with the ProForm 895 Folding Elliptical, you are able to get better precision. The options are right if you consider yourself a beginner or intermediate trainee when it comes to using elliptical machines.

The pedals of the machine are oversized and have a cushioning to maximize comfort when used. The pedals can be tilted up to a power of 10% if you are targeting muscle toning as well as a cardio challenge. The incline ramp is labeled to ensure that you can easily reference which muscle groups are to be emphasized from calves to the thighs.

The 32 preloaded workout programs help in adjusting the resistance and incline of the pedals. The programs are designed by a personal trainer who is certified and thus each program ensured that it has maximized the efficiency of the time required for your training.

The unlimited iFit workouts also ensure that you will maximize your training and get the best results. You can use your home wireless web connection to download these workouts. After downloading, the machine will automatically adjust its incline to match the route that you have chosen.

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3. NordicTrack Folding Elliptical Trainers

Nordic folding elliptical

Brilliant features
  • Sturdy construction
  • 22 resistance levels
  • 0 to 10 degree power adjustable incline
  • 24 preset workout programs
  • Good length of stride
Watch out for
  • It’s a big elliptical machine

The frame is easy to use, fold, and roll away. The footprint of the unit when not used is 32’’ by 28” and it will take you only 15 minutes to assemble. It is an ideal unit if you want a portable elliptical at an affordable price.

It has 18lb wheels, oversized cushion pedals, and a rear-drive motor that owes to its lightweight and helps you be stable and have a tailored posture. The strides have a smoothness effect which is a good feature as many non-portable elliptical machines will not offer this.

It has an iFit Coach technology that helps you get access to unlimited training workouts and routines. The company also ensured that you get a free wearable tracking device that compliments your efforts for fitness when you start your workout. You will be provided with meal plans and nutrition, goals, sleep, exercise, and daily activities. Additionally, you will have the option of using Google Maps, where the unit will adjust the incline automatically to match the terrain of the locality.

It is the best unit for any trainee since there are minimal shortcomings associated with its use. For trainees who are 6” tall, the 18” stride of this unit can be a limiting factor. If you are more than 6” tall, it is essential if you searched an elliptical machine that has a stride of 20” or more. This will help you maximize your comfort as well as efficiency when training.

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4. Best Easy-to-use -Horizon Fitness 3 Folding Elliptical

best elliptical folding

Brilliant features
  • longer stride for a comfortable workout
  • 32 preset exercise programs
  • Compact design
  • Easy to assemble
  • ViaFit Connected Technology for tracking
  • Great workout variation
  • Has an LCD screen where your training is displayed
Watch out for
  • Does not an incline option
  • It is a bit expensive compared with others

Horizon Fitness 3 is an entry-level elliptical machine that helps you train like an advanced trainer. It has 32 in-built workout programs that automatically control the resistance of the unit. You can use Virtual Active workout videos, which are not sold together with the unit, to help you speed up or slow down your motion response.

It also has an iPod compatibility, WiFi connectivity that helps in the management of your fitness data, a holder for your tablet, and a slot for holding your water bottle. The frame can be folded in only one easy step and the assembly is only a three steps procedure.

It is designed to fir six crucial criteria for safe and comfortable training. These are low step-on height, a natural footpath, optimal armbar spacing, narrow pedal spacing, smooth momentum, and design to facilitate an upright posture. It has a 20” stride, making it an ideal unit for adults, even those who are more than 6” tall. It is a cross-trainer for beginners and those who are not used to using elliptical machines, and this is because of its maximum resistance.

Horizon Fitness 3 Folding Elliptical offers a number of traditional fitness machine workouts in addition to the option of using interactive videos. The progress of your training will be displayed on the LCD screen. The data indicated on the screen include RPM, Watts, speed, resistance, calories, distance, time, and heart rate.

For interactive programs, there is a ready passport that is sold separately. The passport will work with the elliptical machine as well as your TV to indicate workouts that are interactive and immersive.

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5. Gazelle Freestyle Folding Elliptical Trainers

best folding elliptical bike

Brilliant features
  • Sturdy for use
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Has extra things on arrival, that is workout DVDs
  • Offers you an option of targeting some muscle groups
  • Built-in thumb pulse monitor
Watch out for
  • The LCD screen is a bit small
  • Does not have resistance

Gazelle Folding Elliptical consists of several steel frames and its lack of aesthetic is because of its ease of use, high quality, and reliability. It is one of the best value purchases for a cardio providing unit, which offers a smooth workout that will help you burn calories, tone muscles while putting less pressure on the joints. And it is a good unit for beginners who want to get into shape.

The cost of this unit is less than $200 and it is one of the cheapest elliptical machines on the market. It has good quality and it is very reliable making it a great investment for its affordable price.

Gazelle Folding Elliptical is simple and has sturdy bars that are held together to offer you the best experience when working out. It does not require external power and the console of Gazelle Freestyle Folding Elliptical Trainers is simple. Therefore, it is likely to offer great service for an extended period of time. Moreover, it has a 12-month warranty after the purchase.

The stability of the machine has improved over the years and it can support a trainee with up to 300lbs. The Gazelle Freestyle Folding Elliptical Trainer is designed well and does not have many parts. The solid steel frames are sturdy and robust compared to its counterpart competitors.

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Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Folding Elliptical Machine

use folding elliptical

Here are a few buyer’s guides if you want to purchase the best folding elliptical machine:

1. Size

Many elliptical machines are likely to fit in your home even if you have limited space. However, ensure that you keep in mind that the pedals tend to extend out beyond the actual length of the unit. Additionally, you will be elevated that you can be elevated on a treadmill. Thus, ensure that you have enough space and a high ceiling to minimize cases of injuries.

2. Ergonomics Design

An elliptical will constrain you when it comes to movements. You should make sure that you have paid special attention to how comfortable you feel when using an elliptical machine.

You should be in a position to maintain an upright posture when you are using an elliptical machine. The handgrip ought to be easy to reach as well as should not force your wrists to be in an awkward and straining position. The path should be comfortable, where pedals should be close together.

Additionally, the moving handgrip, as well as the fixed frame components, should not cause interference with your knees, shoulders or arms.

3. The intensity of the exercise

The resistance of different elliptical machines vary. Ensure that the lowest resistance setting of the unit is easy to pedal and the difficulty comes when you reach about 75% of the highest setting.

This is important because you will have room for growth in your workouts. A great elliptical machine is the one that will enable you to feel the difference when you increase or decrease the resistance. You should also check if the adjustable incline is automatic or manual.

4. High-Tech features

Many workout machines are connected to the cloud to ensure there is a provision of workout-tracking, an environment that is competitive, social networks, and access to a library of exercise programs.

Elliptical machines come with in-built wireless connectivity or a Bluetooth connectivity ability where you can easily connect an app to your mobile device. There are other types of equipment that have a USB port.

5. Exercise Programs

Equipment with exercise programs makes the activity lively and more varied, and this can boost you to want to exercise more. However, ensure that you do not spend money on unnecessary additional features that add no value to your routine. You can get by with basic programs only that cater to your specific workout types. Custom programs help you create your own resistance profile.

6. Additional features

Elliptical machines are dangerous equipment for children because they can be pinched or trapped in the moving parts. If you have children, ensure that the unit is far from their reach.

Consoles are dependent on the user’s preference. There are equipped with advanced entertainment features or internet connectivity. Therefore, choose a unit that fits your aesthetics. Other features such as an accessory tray, reading racks, cup holders, and in-built fans are common in elliptical trainers.


Benefits of Using Folding Elliptical Trainers

elliptical bike

1. Low Impact

Elliptical trainers offer low impact motions. The arm and foot motions are fluid and there are continuous strides. The motions will not let you pound your legs hard and they will be in contact with the pedals to help you glide in a swinging pattern with the bars. Your feet will not receive any impact while you are moving the stride of an elliptical trainer.

This is the main reason why people opt for this equipment for the purpose of rehabilitation. In cases where people have damaged their joints, back, or knees, the machine offers good rehabilitation services for faster recovery.

2. Easy for Beginners

Elliptical machines do not require any special skills. They come with stationary handlebars that if you have trouble with balance, you can use them to the motion of your legs. You will have no trouble to coordinate and this is why it is an easy-to-use machine. The machines have the ability to sync the movement of the handlebars and your feet.

3. Facilitates Weight Loss

Purchasing an exercise machine means that more than often you want to lose those extra pounds. The amount of weight that you will be able to lose when using an elliptical machine is dependent on how often you want to use the machine and the effectiveness.

You can burn as much as 400 calories in a 30-minute workout averagely. This will also depend on your metabolism. However, it is important to keep in mind that a balanced diet contributes to 70% of weight loss.


4. Core Body Workouts

The machines need to use certain core muscles for balance and movement of the foot pedals. Therefore, your entire body is been worked out from the top to the bottom when you use the unit. It offers room to get extra work on your core muscles. The fact that you are constantly shifting your weight, you are likely to maximally engage your core.

5. Low Maintenance

Elliptical machines have no virtual maintenance requirement and there is minimal likelihood of breaking down. They have internal motors that will drive the belt and the other, which lowers and raises the incline for workouts that are intense. These motors are prone to breakage even though they are reliable.

6. Does Not Require Too Much Space

Elliptical machines take little room and they can easily fit in your home with limited space. They are also not full weight equipment.



Elliptical trainers offer an economical way of meeting your workout and fitness goals. All this can be done in the convenience of your home. You are guaranteed a whole body workout when you use an elliptical machine. Therefore, be sure that you will be maximizing your time as well as meeting your fitness goals.

If you want quality and convenient fitness machines, ensure that you consider an elliptical folding fitness machine. You will get many benefits and the guide provided will help you choose the best equipment that will suit your needs.